Real Life Recs: The Orange Climax Pop

8 Mar

“I have friends who are completely afraid of sex toys and friends who can’t get enough of them. For me, the orange pop was my first. It was a bit nerve racking trying to pick the perfect vibrator. I didn’t know where to begin. Did I want something serious that could give me penetration and was the actual size of a penis, or did I want to start with something small and slowly warm up to these mysterious sex toys? With advice from my friends I choose to start small, literally. The orange pop is about three or four inches of mushy silicone orange material. It comes with two small batteries and has a little button on one end. As soon as I got it I was unsure what to do, but eager to try it out. The black button turns it on and off and gives you different vibrating modes to choose from. As I turned it on, I noticed the vibrations were not as strong as I had hoped. I lay in bed and was anxious and excited to use the pop for the first time. It was great to rub around my clit and other areas right around there, but I found myself wanting more. I pressed it against my clit and all around my vagina and it felt great but I used my fingers as well to give a little extra pressure. Unfortunately the batteries died out about two minutes in! I was so excited and loving it, and then it was dead. I would advise people to be aware this might have just been a malfunction in my pop but thought it was important to share. Other than that I would recommend this vibrator to people who really feel they don’t want anything to crazy or big. But, as I learned, you should think deep and hard about choosing your vibrator because you never know how daring you really are until you try. I fully enjoyed my pop for the two minutes it lasted and will go on to bigger and better things because of it, thanks orange pop for bringing out the sex toy lover in me!”

— Lola, 20

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