wtf IS sex?!

26 Jan

In a study by The Kinsey Institute last May, researchers found (unsurprisingly) that no one can agree as what qualifies as “sex”. Think you know? Well, here’s what the 486 Indiana residents polled told researchers:

95% say penis-in-vagina is “sex”

11% say if there was no ejaculation, then the act was not sex.

30% say oral sex is not sex.

20% say anal sex is not sex.

Well, let’s put the mystery to rest.  You are “having sex” if you and one or more person(s) engage in consensual behavior involving genital contact and bodily penetration.  So, without further ado, let’s play…


Scenario #1:

Jackie is masturbating Jimmy in the coat room.  She puts his penis in her mouth for three minutes, and then brings him to orgasm manually. Did Jackie and Jimmy just have sex?

Scenario #2:

Christine and Abby are dating.  After their third date they go back to Abby’s place and engage in mutual cunnilingus.  Did Christine and Abby just have sex?

Scenario #3:

Kim and Robert are fooling around.  Robert penetrates Kim’s vagina with his penis.  Kim stops Robert’s thrusting after less than a minute, saying that they have to get going to the movies.  Did Kim and Robert just have sex?

Scenario #4:

Jeff and Craig slip into the coatroom at a party and start hooking up.  Craig performs oral sex on Jeff while Jeff is wearing a (flavored) condom.  Jeff orgasms.  Did Jeff and Craig just have sex?



According to the Kinsey Institute all of these couples have “had sex”.

Do you agree?  Does our generation have any new lingo that better captures the complexities of sex? Does it even really matter?

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