the butterfly kiss

8 Nov

“When setting your sights on the “Butterfly Kiss” it hardly comes off as a force to be reckoned with. It’s girly shape is daintily covered with hearts around the base and the attached butterfly looks like a character out of the Lisa Frank collection.

Much softer than any vibrator I’ve been used to, the butterfly kiss adapts to each woman’s body shape, due to its flexible, soft shaft. The shaft itself isn’t too intimidating, measuring roughly four inches, perfect for those who are not as experienced or open to vaginal vibrator stimulation. The girth of the base is much narrower than most shaft vibrators, while its bulbous head was clearly designed with G-spot arousal in mind.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Butterfly’s three generous ascending speeds of vibration that are each activated with the additional press of a heart shaped button. The first speed is no more powerful than a persistent cellphone, while the third speed could wake up the people in the apartment next door. Needless to say, I settled on the second, and found that it suited my needs, just right.

The shaft was able to be easily inserted vaginally while the butterfly attachment with fluttering wings was designed for clitoral stimulation and used appropriately so. While at first, I was a relatively disappointed to find that the wings itself did not in fact “flutter” but instead merely vibrated with the rest of the massager, I was “tantalized” all the same, as promised from the front cover packaging.

Although I am of the persuasion that clitoral stimulation trumps vaginal stimulation, the Butterfly Kiss allowed me to smoothly transition into experiencing both, something I am not as readily accustomed to. For those women who prefer only clitoral stimulation: using solely the butterfly component has proven to be a bit difficult, yet merely resting the shaft there works just as well.

Although my newly blossoming relationship with the Butterfly Kiss has not included a rendezvous in the shower, next time I have to try this water proof-approved gal out!”

— Samantha Shagwell, 20

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