why you should avoid douchebags

15 Aug

While I would definitely recommend steering clear of douchebags when choosing a mate, I would like to take a second to emphasize how unnecessary and unhealthy it is to use douching products.  Douches are targeted at women who are self concious of the natural smell of their vagina, instructing them that it is best to rinse out their insides with store-bought chemicals.  We receive questions constantly (magnacumloudly@gmail.com) regarding how to douche and why women should.  Let me be clear: you shouldn’t. The only recommended alternative is to wash the outside of your vagina with soap and water daily. Here’s why:

1) Douching does not kill bacteria, STDs or sperm.  No matter how many illegitimate websites say this.

2) Douching after sex can push sperm into the fallopian tubes, causing an ectopic pregnancy.

3) Douching disrupts the natural flora of the vagina.   Some bacteria in your vagina is healthy and necessary to maintain a healthy environment.

4) Douching has been linked to cervical cancer, yeast infection, pelvic inflammatory disease and HIV transmission.

Sometime it is necessary to douche but only at the instruction of a doctor and with a specifically prescribed solution.  Please, women of the world, I beg of you: AVOID DOUCHEBAGS!  Your vaginas will thank you.

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