kotex and their social experiments

10 May

Pretty genius!  Watch these two Kotex commercials, which are hidden-camera tapes of two social experiments; a woman asking men to buy her tampons, and a man asking virtually everyone in the pharmacy what he should buy his girlfriend.  Not only are the reactions hilarious, but it also reflects peoples deep discomfort with menstruation and the female reproductive system.

One Response to “kotex and their social experiments”

  1. Prexus Swyftwynd May 10, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    I like the new U by Kotex commercials because they’re funny, mostly because they are pretty true as well. I like their idea of opening up the idea of menstruation in society. It’s ridiculous with how many obscene things happen around the world that are openly talked about or broadcast, yet when it comes to periods, we are such a hush-hush world about it. While I’m sure in some countries they are more open than others regarding the topic of periods, it is still a very taboo thing.

    I have always been a big proponent on guys being educated on menstruation, whether they are going to have menstrual cycles or not. As a heterosexual male, I believe it is important that we take the time to understand what females go through, especially if we plan on being with one or marrying one in the future. We also play a very important part in our female partner’s life – so why not be more involved and knowledgeable? It’s not going to kill us in any way. The whole reason why I created my blog was to really break the taboo of a MALE talking about menstruation and also, hopefully passing on practical/simple knowledge to them to help increase their understanding and openness of the topic.

    The bottom line is although I’m a fan of the “Break the Cycle” campaign and stuff, I also believe that they’re not “totally driven” by goodwill and changing the attitudes on menstruation, but rather, is a marketing ploy. By no means do I think it’s “wrong” because Kotex is out to MAKE MONEY, just like any other business… they’re just doing it in a way that is both “helpful” while being able to get “free publicity/stunt”. Looking at how many people have talked about the new “U” line and their new campaign, they’ve gotten better advertising than they could through professional services/media. Nevertheless, the products are definitely not amazing enough to pay a higher price compared to the original Kotex products.

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